“When a Marine is wounded, surrounded, hungry, or low on ammo, he looks to the sky. He knows the choppers are coming.” 

What they have to say!

Captain Dennis N.T. Perkins (CO India 3/5)

You and your comrades are making a tremendous contribution to history!
I was a grunt, but you know my respect for the skill and courage of our brothers in the air. I left as a Captain, but one of the great things about the Corps is that the title of Skipper is more important than rank. Keep up your great work! 

Sgt Wendall Wilson (VMO-3)

l Love what you guys are doing,it's keeping our stories alive. I was with VMO-3, but our stories (VMO-2,3 and 6) are the same,Marine Huey's in Combat. 

Chief Warrant Officer John Thompson (US Army)

You guys are keeping the memory alive of what occurred in VN and what we all did while there, the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I was Army but we were all there as brothers and worked together to stay alive and get it done. I thoroughly enjoy the memories and different perspectives. I stayed 22 good years. Thanks to all who served and did what was asked of us. You're the very best. 

Sgt Major John Weliver (VMO-6)

Bottoms up to VMO-6 and the men who served her! May she forever rest in PEACE. She has earned  her time in pasture. Also, my enduring thanks for resurrecting her memory. 

Staff Sgt Red (Maddog) Trivette (VMO-6)

Actually,your Bird 18 and full commitment to it is a statement in and of itself..Only thing I can say it is a testament to your interest ,involvement and dedication to the details of our beloved squadron and my brothers who served in it. Makes us proud that you will keep the memories and our lost Brothers alive in minds and hearts..Thank you and Semper Fi 

Colonel David A. Ballentine (VMO-6)

Thanks for choosing our squadron for your war replica. It does the unit honor. I’m impressed by your interest and the care you’ve taken to do it right. Semper Fi. 

Sgt Don Baud (VMO-6)

Never discussed or shared experiences in 'Nam before. Guess this site (it's great), being long-in-the-tooth, and finally digging out 50+ year old photos changed that (still - only drag out the old memories on here). 

Corporal Gary Scott (VMO-6)

I’ve learned so much history about our VMO-6 Squadron from this Bird 18, Marine Aircraft Group 36-UK! Living it personally and seeing the larger picture of our contribution to the Vietnam War effort has been an uplifting and humbling experience for what we accomplished.....
and those who came before and after us..... 

Captain John Boden (VMO-6)

I, and so many other VMO-6 Klondikers thank for what you have done to rebuild the bird and keep the many memories and pride we all have in our service in this unique and honored squadron that has served the Marine Corps since 1926. Your project is growing bigger and faster then any of you thought , you should all be congratulating yourselves as your dedication and demand for quality is showing everyone what kind of quality people you are, when you add that to the respect and appreciation for what the Klondikers accomplished in Viet Nam, you have become one of us. Thank you.

Sgt Rick Ault (VMO-6)

The commitment of the entire Bird 18 crew to restore to original an aircraft that is over 50 years old just blows my mind. You folks are just incredible. And when I look back after all of those years and the happenstance of meeting Paul Turner all of us Klondikers are humbled. Thank you for the honor you have bestowed on all of us. 

Cecil J.(CJ) Smith (VMO-6)

I join my squadron members in complimenting your extraordinary restoration effort and the memorial page honouring 'Klondikers' who gave their lives in combat for others. Thanks for honouring us in your endeavour, and best wishes to your teams continued success.  

Corporal Louis Sessinger (VMO-6)

I must say that the interest you and your mates have in our squadron is somewhat overwhelming, I thank you all heartedly.  Thank you for your friendship. 

Corporal Peter Greene (VM0-6)

What more can I say, you guys at MAG-36 UK have been tremendous at promoting the squadron. Thank you, Klondike 4-1. 

Sgt Thomas 'Sundown' Leonard (Vietnam Veteran)

THANK YOU for reconstructing the Huey and the web page - Fantastic. It was 50 years ago today, a door gunner TET & Ashau Valley. I was a 6511 Ordnanceman, previously at Camp Pendleton. I was flight training on the Huey's, night ops were my speciality (which paid off later).

I still LOVE those birds and would do it all over again. Best Marines I ever knew - Semper Fi.

VMO-6 Veterans

Doing VMO-6 proud doesn't even come close to what you folks have done. You guys have done an absolutely incredible job and I know I speak for all of us, we are so proud and honored for what you have done. Absolutely amazing. 

Frank Sawyer (U.S. Army Vietnam)

I'm not a Marine but served in the Army working on the UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra in Vietnam. It makes me feel so good to know you are restoring this aircraft to its former state. Best of luck to you and everyone working on this beautiful aircraft.